Campi Flegrei Diving organized the 3rd Special focus group on the 15th of April to present to the local business stakeholders and Authorities MeDryDive project and the main outputs: Dive in the past touristic product and CCI apps (AR, Vr apps and the serious game).

The Councillor for Culture and Tourism of Pozzuoli municipality, the representative of the municipality of Bacoli, Enea Route’s Regional reference in Campania, owners of underwater archaeology company and tourism services discussed the use of new technologies to promote underwater cultural heritage and tourism in Campi Flegrei area. Participants provided their contributions with suggestions about the use of serious game (presented by 3D Research) in the field of education and networking building with the European cultural route “Enea Route”. Many synergies have been found between educational projects of entrepreneurs and cultural projects of institutions.

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