Dive in the Past is a transnational thematic tourist product concept, designed to attract people from all over the world to:

  • Visit Mediterranean Underwater Cultural Heritage sites (view the pilot sites)
  • Enjoy underwater natural landscape
  • Explore terrestrial beauties
  • Experience diving, snorkeling and other sea activities
  • Discover culture through digital activities and applications

16 Itineraries available

Visitors can select between 4 destinations and choose between 4 thematic packages to enjoy underwater cultural and natural landscapes, experience terrestrial beauties and explore golden sand beaches. An experience of both dry and wet activities can be enjoyed on selected tourist attractions in Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Montenegro.

Cultural and Creative Apps

We integrate personalized CCI (Cultural and Creative Industry) applications into the tourism product, combined with diving and non-diving activities. More specifically, we introduce dry apps in AR & VR, a Serious Game available, and videos for the promotion of the Underwater Sites. With the “Dry Dive” personalized applications we want to bring a fascinating dry-diving experience to every visitor.

Promotional Video