In order to promote the Underwater Cultural Heritage in Montenegro and the “MeDryDive” project, Budva Diving Center has successfully organized several closed meetings.

The main goals were to present and promote the project as well as to test innovative digital applications developed through the “MeDryDive” project.

The topic of discussion was also a new transnational tourism product, which created positive reactions from relevant stakeholders.

05/03/2021 in the office of the Municipal Manager in Budva, in compliance with the prescribed COVID measures, a live SFG meeting was held with representatives of the Tourist Organization of Budva, the Council for Culture, as well as with the main Municipal Manager.

On 10/03/2021, a virtual SFG meeting was held with people with many years of experience in the diving industry and tourism.

14/03/2021 as a continuation of the project activities, a virtual WFG meeting was held with a large number of participants of different profiles who showed positive reactions, especially to the CCI applications developed within the project.

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