Atlantis Consulting S.A. organized on 11/03/2021 a Special Focus Groups meeting in the context of the MeDryDive project. The meeting was titled “Presentation of new transnational thematic touristic routes and innovative digital applications for the promotion of the Underwater Cultural Heritage” and gathered stakeholders of MeDryDive greek pilot site of Peristera, Alonissos.

The Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities (EUA), Region of Thessaly, Mayor of Alonissos and representatives of local diving centres, tourism professionals, other nearby municipalities exchanged views around the valorization of Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH) for tourism development and the integration of interactive technologies for the promotion of UCH. Vivid presentations were made by the Coordinator organization of the project, Yanis Kalogiannidis, MAZI Travel, Miss Pari Kalamara from EUA, Miss Aggeliki Veneti of Region of Thessaly and Angelos Manglis and Vasiliki Drouga from Atlantis.

More Focus Group meetings are planned within the month. Stay tuned!

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