During a virtual workshop organized on December 16th by the Salone dello Studente and the University of Calabria, Marco Cozza from 3D Research has presented the MeDryDive project and its results. 

The inspirational talk, named Research, Innovation and passion at UNICAL, was intended to stimulate the interest of more than 650 Italian young students by presenting the result of research activities carried out by the University and its spin-off companies. 3D Research was invited to present all the projects in which it is currently involved.

The MeDryDive project has been presented, together with its main aim: create and offer personalized CCI apps that enrich the experience of tourists (both divers and non-divers) and stimulate their interest on Med/EU Underwater Heritage. In particular, Marco focused on the Dive in the Past Serious Game, explaining the game concept, the storytelling and the pilot sites that players can explore. Moreover, he invited the participants to follow the project website and related social media accounts to stay up to date about future releases. 

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