Novena is a digital media studio working in the field of culture for 28 years. Today there are 18 experts permanently employed on jobs like programming web and mobile applications, 3D modeling and animation, photography, videography, virtual and augmented reality applications. NOVENA has great experience in VR and AR production including all steps of production like recording, modeling and programming. Novena’s clients are galleries, museums, touristic boards, touristic organizations like hotels and other types of organizations from Croatia, EU, USA, Japan. The company has made web and mobile applications, virtual and augmented reality projects for more than 40 museums and tourist boards. Novena has worked on EU projects in the field of culture also, like in project REVITAS from Istrian County, Department of Culture.

The company has produced the virtual presentation of old Istrian inland churches with Frescas and small old towns in the continental part of Istria. Recent project for the town of Šibenik (Dalmatia, Croatia) was the production of a multimedia guided tour with AR application on dedicated tablets, for tourists on fortress Barone and st. Nikola in Šibenik.