The EU (COSME) Project “Me Dry Dive” was presented in the 4th “Clusters meet Regions” event that took place in Zagreb, Croatia in parallel with AGORADA+, on 29 & 30 November 2022. The event was attended by the project coordinator Mr Kalogiannidis Yanis from Mazi Travel who participated in the panel and presented the “Me Dry Dive” Project.

The European Commission (EC) and the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA), in collaboration with the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP), organised the International Conference AGORADA+ and the 4th “Clusters meet Regions” workshop.  

A series of a total of fifteen workshops organised in the EU regions hosted in 2022-2023 as part of the “Clusters meet Regions” cycle, will act as an opportunity for stakeholders to get together to explore how clusters, regional development agencies and Policy Maker Actors can successfully collaborate. The lessons learnt from the experiences of cross-border projects are highlighted along with the ways in which cross-border collaborations can facilitate innovation and good practices among the territories involved.

The 4th “Clusters meet Regions” event facilitated the implementation of good practices in cases where clusters that were formed, became drivers for regional economic transition, industrial development, and promotion for further collaboration.

The final agenda of the conference is available here

This event brought together over 100 representatives of Regional Development Agencies, Cluster Organizations, Companies, Public Authorities, the Enterprise Europe Network, and many more to discuss Croatian Clusters and their positive results.

The “Me Dry Dive” Project was presented on the second day of the event in the session: Challenges and Promises of Cross-Border Cooperation. Mr Kalogiannidis demonstrated how interregional cooperation can contribute to the development of regional priorities for the countries that participated in the Project. The scope and objectives of the Project, as well as its main outputs and the achievements reached during the implementation period and even beyond its lifetime, were also presented. The presentation focused on the important Business Benefits for the EU Programmes Participants, the perspectives and opportunities that arise from International Cooperation, and recommendations were made for engagement in International Projects.

In the session where “Me Dry Dive” was presented; special attention was given to the implementation of regional and national economic development policies to further promote digital transformation and interregional cooperation to safeguard the resilience of regional economic development.

The “Me Dry Dive” Project was especially innovative to that end, producing a series of Extended Reality Applications, i.e., an Augmented Reality and a Virtual Reality Application as well as a Serious Game, all available to the public in Google Play and App Store. The use of CCI products in the “Me Dry Dive” excited the audience which expressed its interest in the embedding of the CCI products in the tourism product family that was designed and the opportunities that arose from their use in the Tourism Sector.

AGORADA+ is one of EURADA’s four main annual events and this was the first time since its foundation that, all EURADA members hosted this year’s event under the leadership of SIMORA – Development Agency of Sisak-Moslavina County in one country. The event was co-organised by DURA – Dubrovnik Development Agency, ZARA – Zagorje Development Agency, the Entrepreneurial Centre of Krapina-Zagorje County, ZADRA NOVA – Zadar County Development Agency, with the support of ZICER – Zagreb Innovation Centre.

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