The Archeocamp is one of the most important Italian events related to the Underwater Archaeology.

It took place from the 26th of October to the 1st of November 2020 in the Underwater Archaeological Park of Baia, Italy.

During the event, Cristina Canoro from the Centro Sub Campi Flegrei has presented the MeDryDive project.

Moreover, a Stakeholder Focus Group has been organized by Centro Sub Campi Flegrei and 3D Research, involving some stakeholders and experts in a panel about new technologies for the promotion of the Underwater Cultural Heritage destinations.

Its main aim was to test the marketing and product sustainability strategies for the new touristic product and gather valuable feedback to be analysed for drawing conclusions and apply strategic improvements.

After a quick introduction of the project by Cristina Canoro, Marco Cozza has presented the transnational tourism product concept and CCI applications (the serious game, the AR and VR applications, and the promotional videos).

Cause the pandemic situation, the Focus group was established online and it was composed of a reduced number of participants.

The discussion took:

  • New development opportunities thanks to the realization and promotion of new international touristic itineraries on the underwater archaeological heritage destinations (touristic product concept),
  • Multimedia applications and new technologies to promote underwater cultural heritage destinations.

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