The third meeting of MeDryDive project took place on June 5th, 2020. Due to COVID-19 outbreak, there wasn’t the possibility to travel and
physically meet in the same place, so partners participated through
conference call (Google Meet).

After the welcome by the Project Coordinator, MAZI TRAVEL gave an
overview of the project results, submitted deliverables, as well as the
next steps and guidelines for the successful implementation of the 2nd year of the project.

Then, each partner presented the progress achieved and the plan for the next year, followed by a roundtable discussion. The main topics of the meeting are listed below:

  • An overview of the results of mapping, evaluation, and selection of the UCH locations in Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, and Albania (as follow-on sites)
  • A detailed description of the “Dive in the Past” product concept, the designed packages and activities for each pilot site, as well as the marketing strategy
  • An overview of the methodology for data collection in the pilot sites to be used in the CCI applications and the results achieved
  • The concept and first prototype of the “Dive in the Past” Serious Game
  • The first prototype of the Promotional video
  • The first prototype of the AR app and flyer;
  • The first prototype of the cardboard for the VR walkthrough
  • The methodology for the demonstration and pilot testing
  • The communication and dissemination activities

Partners: Mazi Travel & Events (Coordinator) (Greece), Atlantis Consulting (Greece), 3D Research s.r.l. (Italy), Novena d.o.o. (Croatia), Centro Sub Campi Flegrei (Italy), Budva Diving Center (Montenegro), Municipality Kavajë (Albania).

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