Campi Flegrei Diving organized on 19/03/2021 a Special Focus Grouop meeting as follow up of the first focus group organized during the ArcheoCamp on the 29th October 2020, with local stakeholders: representative of hospitality sector, tour operator, the management of the Archaeological Park of Campi Flegrei, diving center.

The 2nd focus group aimed to present the outputs of the MeDryDive project and to gather feedback to be analysed for improvements of the product concept and the CCI apps.

Cristina Canoro, Campi Flegrei Diving Center and Marco Cozza, 3D Research presented MeDyDive Project objectives and outputs: “dive in the Past ” tourism product concept and packages, videos, serious game; AR Leaflet and app and VR. The participants discussed new technologies to promote Underwater Cultural Heritage sites as tourist destinations. The focus group was moderated by Prof. Francesco Izzo from the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli.

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